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Monday 14 2022f February 2022 - First Webinar

08:15-08:30 (Time Zone CEST Europe/Rome)

    Adeimf Plenary Something that will be plenary

08:45-10:00 (Time Zone CEST Europe/Rome)

    Plenary Session - Adeimf Plenary
  • Some Plenary in the Morning

14:00-15:30 (Time Zone CEST Europe/Rome)

    Plenary Session - n.a.
  • Testing something very Plenary

    We are here to gather several information

18:00-18:30 (Time Zone CEST Europe/Rome)

    Room 3 Topic 3 - Social medias
    CHAIR Helpdesk Adeimf (

Tuesday 15 2022f February 2022 - Nice webinar here

12:30-13:30 (Time Zone CEST Europe/Rome)

    n.a. Incontro preliminare

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14:00-15:30 (Time Zone CEST Europe/Rome)

    n.a. Incontro principale

    Praesent nec rhoncus ante. Aenean porttitor eros in nisi mollis mollis. Donec faucibus ultricies convallis. Nulla eget molestie sapien, ut varius eros. Aliquam vehicula eget ex at ultrices. Mauris pretium in nisi vel varius. Pellentesque fermentum dui quis sapien finibus pulvinar. Fusce metus enim, tempus eget sodales sed, volutpat vitae velit. Nullam aliquet accumsan ante, consequat pulvinar ligula volutpat eleifend. Aenean tristique pharetra nunc vel maximus. Praesent in tincidunt nunc. Aenean vel mi porta, viverra tellus eget, malesuada nisi. Sed posuere porta erat, ut rhoncus ante finibus et.

Thursday 3 2022f March 2022 - Nice Webinar for March

21:00-22:15 (Time Zone CEST Europe/Rome)

    Room B Topic 5 - Confnow-SISP issues
    Room C Topic 3 - Social medias
    Room D Topic 4 - Confnow-Adeimf issues
    Room 3 General issues
    • What about using a customized "title" for these pages?
      Presenter: Admin Gorico (Hungary - Eötvös Loránd University)
      Authors: Admin Gorico, Who Else
      Discussant: n.a.
    • Item submission overview
      Presenter: Admin Gorico (Hungary - Eötvös Loránd University)
      Authors: Admin Gorico
      Discussant: n.a.
    Room 5 Topic 2 - Confnow website and hosting

23:00-23:59 (Time Zone CEST Europe/Rome)

    Plenary Session - n.a.
  • First session


    The oxygen-, nitrogen- and sulfur-containing reactive species (respectively known as ROS, RNS and RSS) are subject to a tuned control in normal cells and tissues, where they play a role in the maintenance of redox homeostasis. An unbalance in these reactive species is a fingerprint of several diseases, including chronic infections, inflammatory disorders, vascular failure, neurodegeneration and cancer.

    Biological activity of antioxidant molecules is crucial to counteract the overflow of reactive species in response to pro-oxidant insults; however, recent findings highlighted the Janus-faced properties of both free radicals and antioxidants, owing to the complexity of the cellular machinery involved in the response to oxidative stress.

    The upgrade from in vitro studies to potential therapeutic applications of natural or synthetic antioxidants proved not to be straightforward, due to several aspects ranging from inefficient delivery and assimilation to paradoxical effects, revealing how challenging pharmacological recovery from an unbalanced redox homeostasis can be.

Friday 13 2022f May 2022 - What about this other Webinar

18:30-19:00 (Time Zone CEST Europe/Rome)

    Room D Some plenary session in April

    MySQL è un sistema di gestione di database basato su SQL (Structured Query Language). SQL è il linguaggio più popolare per l'aggiunta, l'accesso e la gestione dei contenuti in un database. È noto per la sua rapida elaborazione, affidabilità, flessibilità e facilità d'uso. MySQL è una parte essenziale di quasi tutte le applicazioni PHP open-source (ad esempio WordPress).


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